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Whether you need a wheelchair permanently to get about, or you just require one for a particular occasion, using a wheelchair can give you extra independence and a sense of security.

Your local wheelchair service

The North West London Wheelchair Service is run by AJM Healthcare on behalf of the local NHS and provides assessments, provision of wheelchairs, specialist seating and repairs and maintenance.

You can contact the service yourself or be referred by a doctor, social worker or nurse.

Wheelchair Service
AJM Healthcare
Unit 3, Abbey Road Industrial Park
Commercial Way
Park Royal
London NW 10 7XF

0808 164 2040
Fax: 0808 133 0138


The North West London Wheelchair Service

Hiring or buying a wheelchair privately

If you are not eligible for a wheelchair from the Wheelchair Service, or don't want to wait to be assessed by them, then you can considered privately hiring or buying a wheelchair yourself.

The Disability Living Foundation (DLF) website provides a number of factsheets which help you to choose the right wheelchair and other equipment, and give details of companies in the London area who hire out wheelchairs. See:

You can also use the DLF's Ask Sara feature to assess your walking needs and, if appropriate, buy a suitable wheelchair for yourself.

Or you can hire a wheelchair, see Red Cross wheelchair hire

There are many websites which sell wheelchairs online. We can’t recommend particular suppliers but we have provided some links to suppliers websites for you to look at.


Sunrise Medical

UKS Mobility


Last updated: 23/12/2020